Anne’s Paleo Chicken Salad

Well the weather has definitely made a turn and mowing grass and enjoying sunshine is a priority! Leigh and I decided it would be a great time to make a few healthy changes, so we embarked on a 30 day challenge of eating clean. We have always been pretty good at making healthy choices, but sometimes with the holidays and the cold weather over the winter we can turn to unhealthy habits.

We have always found the more prepared you are, the more you set yourself up for success. I would say Leigh and I are lucky because we actually enjoy eating clean. As children we always had access to a huge garden and fresh meat. So going back to that lifestyle was very refreshing for us.

I made this recipe for Chicken Salad last night and it is super easy and super quick. You can keep this in the fridge and it is perfect for lunch. I chose to use a rotisserie chicken because that saves time.

1 Rotisserie Chicken, pull chicken and chop

1/2 cup of Craisins

1/2 cup of chopped walnuts

1/3 cup of chopped red onion

Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise (check this out here, it is delicious)

Flavor God Garlic Seasoning

Mix all together and chill in fridge overnight. I served mine over a bed of lettuce, with some plantain chips which we LOVE!!



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Spring in the Bluegrass

Spring is here!!!!!! Finally……….it is HERE, HERE, HERE! There is no place like Spring in the Bluegrass. It’s intoxicating, energizing and stunningly beautiful. When this season finally rolls around not only is the weather great but so is everyone’s mood. Suddenly bar patios start filling up, the roads are filled with cyclist, and the Keeneland Racetrack is hoppin. Gosh, I just love this time of year. After a crazy winter with a ton of snow, it’s nice to not have to put on 18 layers just to walk down to the barn. Anne and I have been busy, cooking, socializing, riding and running. Anne mowed for the first time of the season yesterday. I often dread mowing but once it’s done I love the feeling of accomplishment. Everything looks so pretty and smells wonderful. The horses are slicking off and feeling really good. We ran for the first time yesterday in 70 degree weather, uhhh forgot how hard it is to run in a bit of heat. I’m not used to it yet, but just have to keep doing it. Bring it on!!!

Thankful for green grass and happy horses!


My baby LOVES his ball!


My most favorite salad in the world. Philip brings me farm eggs which makes it that much better. Anne and I make this at least five times a week!


Running in a little bit of heat yesterday. Gosh, how gorgeous is Kentucky?


Wherever you are, I hope your enjoying the Spring!! Be happy!


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Hello 2015!!!!!!!! 

It’s been a while, my apologies. I was so happy to see 2014 go! It wasn’t all hardships, but there were more than enough and I was ready to start fresh in 2015. So far I am so in love with this year. The energy is totally different and I am enjoying every second of it. The start of a fresh year brings new goals, new dreams and sense of excitement to everything. My mindset has been completely different. I ended 2014 with a quiet holiday season, and by hitting the big red RESET button. Anne and I started this year with just  two horses. Losing two last year was so very hard, when you lose an animal it takes a piece of your heart, when you lose two in six months it can be devastating. We both needed time to process our new routine of only taking care of two horses. It’s been almost ten years since we’ve only had two on the farm. At first I didn’t like it, now I am totally at peace with it and love it! I love having one to just focus on and allowing myself to be open to other things than just horses in my life. Basically, last year was hard and this year…….life is GOOD! GOOD! GOOD! So what have we been up to this winter? Hmmm……………….

LOTS of SNOW! The last snow total two weeks ago was around 16 inches. I am not a fan. At all.


Lots of THIS! My man turned me on to this dish and I am addicted. Pollo Poblano…you are my favorite. I think about this dish way too much. Thank you honey :)


Lots of THESE! Anne and I have spent a lot of time this winter with friends in our local breweries tasting  new beers. Shotgun Wedding……….you will forever be my favorite. :)


 Lots of this: Who is going to make the coffee? It’s cold, somebody get up and make it.


Playing with Him: I love him and I am so thankful that he is still here with me. He is my sunshine every day!


Thankful for This: Sunrise at the farm, does it get any better? Anne and I sit on the deck every morning and every night and go over our blessings. Life is good!


Till Next time!!


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Living is about….

Living is about taking a moment each day to see the beauty that is really truly around you.



Living is about breathing in the crisp cool Fall air on a gorgeous morning in the Bluegrass.



Living is about knowing when to appreciate the small things in your life…like new socks. :)



Living is about taking the moment to capture a gorgeous sunrise on the way to support your best friends at a barrel race. Living is about remembering to be thankful that even though you couldn’t compete, you know life is about so much more.


Get out and live my friends!

Till Next time,


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I Am a Fan

HEY! It has been a while since I have updated this blog. I have had a crazy month with some great days and some really rough ones. However, such is Life and no matter what, we have to ‘Keep on Keepin On!” So………..Let me tell you….right now…

I am a fan of these beautiful warm summer nights at my farm.



I am a fan of being able to run again through one of my favorite horse farms.


I am a fan of this man and can’t wait to get started on this book.


I am a fan of being healthy and flexible again with no pain. Amen!



I am a fan of HIM. Enough said.



I am a fan of those moments where I get to kick back with a drink, a front porch, a beautiful front yard and some quiet.


Happy Tuesday!



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Teamwork, Horses and Burgers


It really has been a while! My apologies! Anne and I have both been very, very busy! Anne is so busy with work and I am still dealing with an injured hip so she has taken on a lot more responsibility. We have some barrel races coming up this Fall and she has been so kind to exercise my horses for me. We have been a team since the womb and we will always be, plus we are pretty good at it!! We really balance each other out perfectly. Even though I can’t physically ride right now, I have taken over the role of the the horse groomer. haha! I tack one of the horses and then she takes that one and goes out to ride. I tack the next one, she comes back from exercising that one and gets another one, I take that one, untack, hose off, and do that three more times.

Part of the Entourage

Part of the Entourage


Trust me, I am just as tired as her, because no matter what we will both always pull our own weight. Recently I went to the doctor and he said to just get back to my every day life and live with the pain. Hopefully it will go away soon but I am done sacrificing the things I love. This past weekend I rode and it did bother my hip, but the smile on my face from being able ride outweighed the pain. I haven’t gotten to run yet and I am holding off on that for a bit. Just going to do one thing at a time and ease my way back in to things. I tend to be an overachiever and try to “do it all” and that is probably what got me in this mess to being with. So, just gonna focus on my horses and eating very healthy and I will add the running back in later. As for eating, Anne and I have been loving our neighbors garden and grilling out. It is so easy to eat healthy in the summer time. There is something about grilling and cutting up fresh veggies that just screams SUMMER!! Me loves :)


Paleo fav!

Paleo fav!

So I am off to ride my precious horses and enjoy every second of it! Here is a pic of a paleo burger I made yesterday. My favorite. I wrap big butter lettuce leaves around it and then wrap everything in parchment paper to hold it, works great! I like my burgers super juicy, so this keeps it from being so messy.

Till next time!

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Twinning….defined as: Trending in our little twin world………TWINNING :)

Been cray cray around here. As usual Anne and I have been busy with work, chores, work, exercising, chores, work….see a pattern here? So basically, what has been Twinning in our little world?? Hmm, well….

The weather has been crazy for June. It has only been in the high 70’s low 80’s during the day and at night, in the 50’s and 60’s! We haven’t even turned on our air yet! Now, it has been toasty at times but we are cheapies…so we just suck it up and deal with it. Every day it has been raining summer showers. The horses love it!

Horses enjoying the cool summer showers

Horses enjoying the cool summer showers

I met with a sports medicine doctor last week and he told me I had bursitis in my hip. I am not shocked. So I am off three weeks from running. I know my hips are weak, you would think years and years of riding horses would make them strong…apparently not. So I am doing a lot of stretching and having a BLAST on the elliptical….enter sarcasm HERE.

At least Ice Cube helps get me thru on the elliptical!

At least Ice Cube helps get me thru on the elliptical!

After my doctors appointment Anne and I went shopping and I bought this Under Armour visor just because…well….me loved it! I have a teeny head and this still fits me. I was shocked and so happy!

Mine is green and pink but the same style.

Mine is green and pink but the same style.

I had my first Quest Protein bar this past weekend. I normally don’t eat any type of protein bars but thought I would give them a try. I actually broiled it in the oven for 4 minutes so it was like a big protein cookie. Not too shabby. However, I watched Anne pick at hers for about 2.3 seconds and then look at me and say “Do we have any chocolate covered raisins?” She wasn’t a fan. I didn’t think it was the best thing in the world but in a pinch, I would certainly eat another one.

I love this quote. This year has been a very strange one for me and Anne. Lots of changes in our lives and it is hard to adjust sometimes. However, change brings growth, right? SO BRING IT ON! I can certainly say that I have changed a lot this year and I have enjoyed those changes!





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Tuesday Truth

TRUTH: Getting the pastures and the yard mowed makes you feel freeeee!!!!!!!!!

Freshly Mowed!

Freshly Mowed!

TRUTH: Turning on Pandora and hearing a song that you played 300 times during your college years immediately makes you want to go back in time…it also makes you want to drink a beer. Promise.


TRUTH: Being injured sucks. Working the stop watch for Anne while she does sprints is great but not being able to do them yourself is no fun. Here’s to hoping my sports medicine doctor can put me back together on Friday!

Anne getting ready to kill it!

Anne getting ready to kill it!

TRUTH: Spur looks like such a puppy here. Love him!

My Spur Dog

My Spur Dog

TRUTH: I am not a fan of cooking in the summer. These paleo sandwiches are so easy and so refreshing. However my Mom is making her homemade potato salad Saturday and it is all that is on my mind. BRING ON SATURDAY!!!!!

Sandwiches with Plantain Chips

Sandwiches with Plantain Chips

Till Next time!


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Me and My Fan


My Childhood Friend. HA!

My Childhood Friend. HA!

When I was a little girl, Anne and I would lay blankets down on the floor in our bedroom and lay in front of a box fan. I could nap forever with my face in front of a fan. Growing up in the south, when we were little there was no air conditioning and so of course fans were every where. At night, with all the windows open and the box fans running it became some sort of a lullaby to sleep to. I love the sound of a fan. I love the cool air blowing on my face.  At my grandmother’s house, you knew it was summer when she would drag the huge attic fan out and put in up on concrete blocks in front of a bedroom window to blow air through the house. I loved that fan. I can still feel that cool breeze flowing through the back staircase of that house. It was the coolest spot in the house on those hot 95 degree days. I can still remember coming home from long weeks of being at camps during the summer. We would both go upstairs and lay on the bed and crash. We would sleep for hours and hours in front of that big fan. I don’t know what is was, it was just so soothing. Later, when I went to college, my father moved Anne and I in to our dorm rooms. Before he left he asked if we had everything we needed and we both said “Oh my, we need to go buy a fan!!!”  I remember him muttering something and rolling his eyes, but he took us  to WalMart and we each got a fan. I slept every single night with that fan on. It didn’t matter if it was 30 below outside I had that fan running. There were times when I thought my nose may suffer from frostbite and fall off but it was never an option to turn the fan OFF. When I left college and moved in with a bunch of roommates in a big ole house downtown Lexington, I had two fans in my room. My roommate said it sounded like an airport hanger in my bedroom. heehee!  Later on Anne and I rented a house together, here came my fan! Her’s too. I woke up one night to my fan not running. I messed with it forever and it was clear that my fan had burn up…it was no had clearly had enough. I woke Anne up in the middle of the night and told her I was going to WalMart to buy a new fan. ha! I still have a fan in my bedroom. It is strange, cause I certainly don’t need one to sleep. I don’t travel with a fan. I don’t haul one around with me when I go on vacation, it doesn’t bother me to not have one, but given the option…I want my fan, damnit! It really is a feeling of my childhood that I think I will always carry with me. It reminds me of life being simple, of life being still, of a quieter time. It reminds me of being worn out from playing to hard as a kid and taking long naps laying in front of one. It reminds me of the quietness of that ole plantation style house I grew up in. So basically, it has been a constant in my life since I was a munchkin and now on the backside of 30….it still is. I think it always will be.

Leigh W

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It is almost the weekend!!!!!!!! I am so excited! Today, I am going to play FACT. Basically, I just give you a bunch of FACTS. You won’t believe how incredibly easy this is. Wanna play? Ok, let’s do it!

FACT: Running in the heat is freaking hard. I really struggle with it but I will master it.


FACT: Anne and I went downtown this week to a group run at a local brewery. We had a blast! First time we have ever joined in on their Tuesday runs…I highly recommend it.


FACT: I can’t deal with negative people. Actually, you know what is worse? A negative person with no self awareness. You know the ones, they actually ‘think’ they are positive. News flash…you aren’t. 



FACT: Anne and I are running a four miler in a couple of a weeks and then a 10K a month after that. I am so excited!




FACT:  At night when I go to bed, I always put on chapstick and then I dot it on  my sister’s dog’s nose. He loves it. It is our nightly ritual. 

How cute is he??

How cute is he??


FACT: I haven’t competed on my horses yet this year. In the past five years, that is a first for me, but my horses seem super happy… so I am ok with it. 

Great times!

Great times!


FACT: Long weekends make for  full days of my favorite four R’s. Running,  Riding, Reading and Relaxing.. oh and MOWING..doesn’t start with an R but it will definitely be happening.

Lots to mow but totally worth it!

Lots to mow but totally worth it!



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