Spring in the Bluegrass

Spring is here!!!!!! Finally……….it is HERE, HERE, HERE! There is no place like Spring in the Bluegrass. It’s intoxicating, energizing and stunningly beautiful. When this season finally rolls around not only is the weather great but so is everyone’s mood. Suddenly bar patios start filling up, the roads are filled with cyclist, and the Keeneland Racetrack is hoppin. Gosh, I just love this time of year. After a crazy winter with a ton of snow, it’s nice to not have to put on 18 layers just to walk down to the barn. Anne and I have been busy, cooking, socializing, riding and running. Anne mowed for the first time of the season yesterday. I often dread mowing but once it’s done I love the feeling of accomplishment. Everything looks so pretty and smells wonderful. The horses are slicking off and feeling really good. We ran for the first time yesterday in 70 degree weather, uhhh forgot how hard it is to run in a bit of heat. I’m not used to it yet, but just have to keep doing it. Bring it on!!!

Thankful for green grass and happy horses!


My baby LOVES his ball!


My most favorite salad in the world. Philip brings me farm eggs which makes it that much better. Anne and I make this at least five times a week!


Running in a little bit of heat yesterday. Gosh, how gorgeous is Kentucky?


Wherever you are, I hope your enjoying the Spring!! Be happy!



About The Southern Twins

Twin.Farm girl. Paleo. Runner. Triathlete. Rodeo Girl.Horsey and Doggie owner. Love individuality. Fiercely Independent. Goal Digger. Beer Drinker. Lazy people need not apply. Love my life...every.damn.day.
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3 Responses to Spring in the Bluegrass

  1. Ride.Live.Believe says:

    Oh you miss the snow LMAO

  2. Ride.Live.Believe says:

    Oh you miss the snow 😉 LMAO

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