Business & Fitness Retreat 2015


This is the time of year that Anne and I start gearing up for the “Fall Rush.” When Anne was in the cattle industry, she used to get swamped in the fall, they always called it the “Fall Run” cause they were shipping cattle left and right. With our business, we are extremely busy in the Fall. Fall not only brings pumpkin latte’s, campfires, fiesty horses and gorgeous trees, it brings a ton of work our way. Our Publishing Co’s busiest time is during the fall and the holidays. So we like to take time before it all gets rolling too fast, to check our goals for the busy season and to set new goals for next year. We have found that a little “retreat” is the best way to get super pumped for our busy season and recharged and ready for the next year. Even though this retreat will just consist of us, we still do an itinerary of things we want to cover so we know when we head back home we actually did get some things done. We have conference calls already set up with our partners so we can start collaborating for next year. 🙂

This years retreat will focus on business and fitness goals, as well as living a balanced lifestyle. It can be hard to get in to a balance and I know that all of us struggle from time to time but I can honestly say I am to a point in my life where I actually feel balanced. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point, but oh so worth it!! I’m super excited to continue down this journey!



So, Anne and I have scheduled and booked our cabin! The perfect retreat for the two of us has always been a cabin in the woods. Some people love to go to a 5 star resort, eat at fancy restaurants every night and be waited on hand and foot.  More power to them but for us, give us our dogs, our hoodies, some hiking trails, great food to cook, books to read  and an awesome cabin……and we’re golden. This years cabin is actually less than 2 hours from our farm and tucked up in the mountains in Eastern, Ky. It sits on 40 acres, has a big fishing pond, a dock for yoga, hiking trails and will be the perfect spot for some inspiration! BRING IT!

I encourage everyone to always take time to work on yourself and your goals in life. Feeling balanced and happy with the direction that your life is heading is very rewarding!

Come October with two aussie dogs in tow…………….off to the mountains we go!

Till Next time!



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