Teamwork, Horses and Burgers


It really has been a while! My apologies! Anne and I have both been very, very busy! Anne is so busy with work and I am still dealing with an injured hip so she has taken on a lot more responsibility. We have some barrel races coming up this Fall and she has been so kind to exercise my horses for me. We have been a team since the womb and we will always be, plus we are pretty good at it!! We really balance each other out perfectly. Even though I can’t physically ride right now, I have taken over the role of the the horse groomer. haha! I tack one of the horses and then she takes that one and goes out to ride. I tack the next one, she comes back from exercising that one and gets another one, I take that one, untack, hose off, and do that three more times.

Part of the Entourage

Part of the Entourage


Trust me, I am just as tired as her, because no matter what we will both always pull our own weight. Recently I went to the doctor and he said to just get back to my every day life and live with the pain. Hopefully it will go away soon but I am done sacrificing the things I love. This past weekend I rode and it did bother my hip, but the smile on my face from being able ride outweighed the pain. I haven’t gotten to run yet and I am holding off on that for a bit. Just going to do one thing at a time and ease my way back in to things. I tend to be an overachiever and try to “do it all” and that is probably what got me in this mess to being with. So, just gonna focus on my horses and eating very healthy and I will add the running back in later. As for eating, Anne and I have been loving our neighbors garden and grilling out. It is so easy to eat healthy in the summer time. There is something about grilling and cutting up fresh veggies that just screams SUMMER!! Me loves 🙂


Paleo fav!

Paleo fav!

So I am off to ride my precious horses and enjoy every second of it! Here is a pic of a paleo burger I made yesterday. My favorite. I wrap big butter lettuce leaves around it and then wrap everything in parchment paper to hold it, works great! I like my burgers super juicy, so this keeps it from being so messy.

Till next time!


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3 Responses to Teamwork, Horses and Burgers

  1. Marcia Slaughter says:

    Glad to see a post from you. I had wondered if my computer did something and I wasn’t getting them!! Hope you are “painless” soon!!

  2. thefitcowgirl says:

    Excited for you Leigh to get back in the saddle!!! You 2 are so inspiring!!!!

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