Hello 2015!!!!!!!! 

It’s been a while, my apologies. I was so happy to see 2014 go! It wasn’t all hardships, but there were more than enough and I was ready to start fresh in 2015. So far I am so in love with this year. The energy is totally different and I am enjoying every second of it. The start of a fresh year brings new goals, new dreams and sense of excitement to everything. My mindset has been completely different. I ended 2014 with a quiet holiday season, and by hitting the big red RESET button. Anne and I started this year with just  two horses. Losing two last year was so very hard, when you lose an animal it takes a piece of your heart, when you lose two in six months it can be devastating. We both needed time to process our new routine of only taking care of two horses. It’s been almost ten years since we’ve only had two on the farm. At first I didn’t like it, now I am totally at peace with it and love it! I love having one to just focus on and allowing myself to be open to other things than just horses in my life. Basically, last year was hard and this year…….life is GOOD! GOOD! GOOD! So what have we been up to this winter? Hmmm……………….

LOTS of SNOW! The last snow total two weeks ago was around 16 inches. I am not a fan. At all.


Lots of THIS! My man turned me on to this dish and I am addicted. Pollo Poblano…you are my favorite. I think about this dish way too much. Thank you honey 🙂


Lots of THESE! Anne and I have spent a lot of time this winter with friends in our local breweries tasting  new beers. Shotgun Wedding……….you will forever be my favorite. 🙂


 Lots of this: Who is going to make the coffee? It’s cold, somebody get up and make it.


Playing with Him: I love him and I am so thankful that he is still here with me. He is my sunshine every day!


Thankful for This: Sunrise at the farm, does it get any better? Anne and I sit on the deck every morning and every night and go over our blessings. Life is good!


Till Next time!!



About The Southern Twins

Twin.Farm girl. Paleo. Runner. Triathlete. Rodeo Girl.Horsey and Doggie owner. Love individuality. Fiercely Independent. Goal Digger. Beer Drinker. Lazy people need not apply. Love my life...every.damn.day.
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1 Response to 2015!!

  1. thefitcowgirl says:

    That snow makes me chuckle!!!! Glad to hear your happy (both of you)


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