PRO Compression Love

This past week Anne and I headed to our favorite spot to run to get in a workout. We call it our playground because there are so many different routes to run, we don’t have to deal with traffic and the views…well the views………they are so awesome!

Incredible Views

Incredible Views

This particular day we decided to do some mile repeats. We ran a mile, then did the steps at the stadium, then ran a faster mile, then more steps, then another fast mile. It was a blast and one of those workouts were I felt really strong. You know like “uh, I GOT THIS!” When you get done you felt like you really did something and you are bouncing off the walls? Yes, that kind of workout! Me loves! It felt awesome.

Anne running stairs

Anne running stairs

It felt so awesome that I was convinced that I deserved several beers that evening so I went over to my friend Nikki’s house and drank them. 😉 

Saturday I couldn’t walk.

HA! Not really but I was super sore. Fortunately, I had just got a pair of PRO Compression Sleeves in the mail and I put them on when I got up on Saturday. I have several pairs of their socks, but honestly I feel claustrophobic in them in warm weather. Not as bad in the winter, but in the summer when it is hot out I just can’t wear the socks. My feet feel like they can’t breath. However, I LOVE the compression sleeves! I threw them on, some shorts and flip flops and wore them all day. My calves were still sore that afternoon but after I went and rode my horses, they loosened up.



I actually kept them on when I rode. I have worn the socks a lot in the winter when I have been riding or on my feet all weekend at barrel races. I am a firm believer in compression and now the horse industry has compression too. Can you believe that? They do! They have full compression suits now. You can see them here. I haven’t gotten as far as to squeeze Wheels in to a compression suit but don’t put it past me. heehee!

Wheels says "Mom, I would look funny in a compression suit"

Wheels says “Mom, I would look funny in a compression suit”

Anywho, moral of the story. Get some compression sleeves. Do it. Go do it right now.

So tell me, do you already use compression socks/sleeves? If so, why and what brand? I wear PRO Compression.



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2 Responses to PRO Compression Love

  1. Haven’t worn the socks but I do the sleeves for long runs, recovery and marathons. I honestly haven’t figured out if they actually work but, I’m stuck on them! Might try the socks but not sure how I’d feel with those on my feet. Your workout sounded awesome!

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