Happy Mother’s Day!

To My Wonderful Mom on Mother’s Day!

You are the BEST Mother in the World! You always took the time to bake us the best cakes on our birthdays. Always the one behind the camera, planning the parties and buying the gifts.


You had no issue with fashion at all. You weren’t scared to dress us like a pilgrim for an every day outing. You were never scared to think outside of the box.


You taught us how to fish and love the outdoors. There was never a dull moment in our childhood! You raised us on a farm, taught us to entertain ourselves, encouraged us to be our own people and to never back down from a dream.


Speaking of a dream. We had a a dream of owning monkey puppets. We hounded you and Dad for months, we put that “never back down from a dream” in to full force and we won! Thank you for teaching us that lesson, it paid off. Also, thank you for teaching us to share…here is proof that that lesson was learned. We are sharing our most prized possessions with our cousins.


Mom, Seriously…..Thank you for the life lessons! Thank you for always being there! Thank you for being the encouragement that we always need and the voice of reason when that is needed as well. Thank you for being the best mom EVER!


 I love you to the Moon and Back!



About The Southern Twins

Twin.Farm girl. Paleo. Runner. Triathlete. Rodeo Girl.Horsey and Doggie owner. Love individuality. Fiercely Independent. Goal Digger. Beer Drinker. Lazy people need not apply. Love my life...every.damn.day.
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3 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Linda says:

    Love the pictures of you two growing up and love your mother’s recipes.

  2. Mom says:

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful tribute. You made my day and my Mother’s Day. It has been wonderful being your mother and there is nothing like being the mother of twins! I am so looking forward to our yearly trip to Amish country tomorrow. You always make me proud to be your Mom!

  3. Thank you so much for such a wonderful tribute. It has been a joy to be the mother of twins and you all have always made me proud to be your mother. I love you both very much and am so looking forward to our yearly trip to Amish country tomorrow. Love, love, love you! Mom

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