Paleo Nachos

The dogwoods are in bloom. The grass is green, green, green. Horse hair is flying all over the farm. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spring! Isn’t it amazing how motivating good weather can be? I love being on the farm in the Spring. It is so full of life!

Our Farm this Spring

Our Farm this Spring

My runs have been amazeballs since the weather changed. My horses? Oh my sweet, sweet frisky horses. They feel amazing and are coming back from their winter break much faster than I thought they would. Life is good! I have been writing out some summer goals for myself. I am so goal oriented and love having things to work towards. I plan on running some longer races this summer and fall which really excites me. Anne and I want to do some group runs this summer too. We always just run with each other and we need to meet some people that like running and working out!  I am still totally focused on living Paleo and know for me, it is the only way to feel 100% healthy. Speaking of Paleo……… about some Paleo Nachos? Uh ME LOVES! I could eat this every night. I really enjoy making this because it is fast and easy. Like I said before when the days get longer and I am able to cram so much in to them, I need quick and easy when it comes to dinner. I hate taking the time to  cook when I can be outside riding, running or mowing. Mowing…yes, that takes a lot of time! Anne and I made these last night, I highly recommend them!

Make will love them...I promise!

Make these…you will love them…I promise!


Paleo Nachos

Sweet Potato Chips (we use the TERRA chips but you can make your own if you want)
Grassfed Ground Beef (while cooking, I season cumin, garlic and pepper on it
Tomato choppedgreen chilies diced
diced white onion
Salsa Verde
So basically, throw a handful of chips on a plate, cover it when grassfed beef, throw onion, tomatoes, green chilies, jalapenos and guacamole on it. Pour some salsa on top and TAA DAA! Awesome Nachos! The juice from the meat will soak in to the chips…OMG….you’re welcome. 🙂



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