Books and Pavement

Hello All! It’s the middle of April and there is snow on the ground here in the lovely Bluegrass. This past weekend I got a ton of sun, today, I am in a turtleneck. BLECH! Make up your mind Mother Nature…Woman…….GET IT TOGETHER!

Great book!

Great book!


I have been reading a lot lately. I so love to read but it goes in phases. At times I go nowhere without a book in my hand, other times it never crosses my mind. I have to actually read a BOOK, not a Kindle, nook or any other electronic reader (I have a friend that reads books on her iphone. WHAT? Seriously, my head would fall off!). I love a book in my hand. Remember Carrie in the first SATC movie (uh the best one, the second one…not good, not good at all) talking about the smell of library books. I feel ya Carrie..I really do. For the last couple of nights I have stayed up late reading Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. Anyone read it? Anne read it first and said she loved it and for me to read it. I picked it up and was hooked from the beginning. A girlfriend of mine read it the same time Anne did. She chatted me last week and said “Leigh, do books make you cry? Do you get emotional over books?” I said “YES!” She said “Well GET READY THEN!” So I knew this one was not going to be this big fairy tale happy ending type book where everything works out and everyone is a happy camper. I was right and I think that is why I loved it. This book is about a quadriplegic and his caretaker and it is real, heartbreaking and funny all rolled in to one. I give it four out of five horseshoes. So basically…..I loved it and I recommend it. 🙂

Relaxing after a run this weekend!

Relaxing after a run this weekend!

Lets see, what else? Anne and I have been running a lot. I have hit a new wave with my running. I am actually really enjoying it. I have always liked running but I feel like I am better at it right now for some reason.  I got some good advice the other day. It was really simple too. “Leigh, just go run, don’t worry about distance and time, just run.” I guess it never occurred to me to do that. I am such a goal setter, I need a goal people! I need to know that I accomplished it, to mark it off the list, then to set another one. However, not setting a goal and just hitting the pavement, yapping with Anne and enjoying the scenery…it is really working for me. Who knew, right?

Ok, that is enough for now! I will check in again soon!



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