Holiday Traditions!

It is the Holiday Season!! I traveled most of the first two weeks of December so I am so excited to be back home and getting in to my old routine. I actually have some time off work and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My favorite part of the Holidays are the traditions that we do every year. I talked about this for Thanksgiving and the same goes for Christmas. I do love this time of year. Every Christmas Anne and I do a cookie/candy exchange with our neighbors. When we moved to the farm, our neighbors came over on Christmas Eve bringing goodies and explained that they all exchange cookies each year. I thought this was such a neat tradition. I really do enjoy this because through out the  year we are all so busy we rarely have time to visit, so it is so nice to deliver some goodies to our friends on our street and catch up with each of them.  My other favorite tradition is my Mother coming to the Farm each year for a couple of days. I talk to Mom every day but we honestly don’t see each other all that much. She comes over a couple of days before Christmas and we always do a little shopping, a lot of cooking and a ton of reminiscing. I love it! It is my favorite part of the holiday. I mean honestly, isn’t the best part just being with your friends and family and sharing quality time together.  On Christmas Eve, Anne always makes her sausage balls and Mom makes country ham and her buttermilk biscuits while I bake for the neighbors.


We munch all day. On Christmas morning we all bundle up and go down to the barn and feed the horses their Christmas morning breakfast and then come in and sip coffee and eat left over sausage balls.


I love this so much. It is just the simple little traditions that arise after years of being together that can solidify a feeling of family and home. I love this time of year and I hope each and every one of you get to enjoy some time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!!


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2 Responses to Holiday Traditions!

  1. Olivia says:

    Hey what is your horses christmas morning breakfast

    • The Southern Twins says:

      Hi Olivia,

      We normally just crush up some candy canes and put it over their oats. Just a little peppermint flavored breakfast. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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