Merry Christmas Eve!!

It is the best time of the year! Everybody in my family has slowed down a little bit and we are all enjoying some well deserved family time. The Southern Lady Cooks AKA Mom arrived yesterday and we spent the afternoon at the Peddlers Mall going through some awesome junk.


Anne and I found a steer skull, which I was so pumped!! Who wasn’t pumped??? Well my Mom of course! She thought it was hideous and didn’t even want to stand around while I purchased it. I don’t think she wanted anyone to know she was related to anyone that would want a steer skull hanging on their wall…haha! That makes me love it even more. One man’s junk is another mans treasure. Turns out Mom thinks steer skulls are major JUNK and I LOVE LOVE them!

Today we had country ham and biscuits and jam cake for breakfast. Seriously, is there a better breakfast? I text my friend Britt and told her that I as going to founder on country ham. Her response? “Put on your stretch pants” Gosh, I love that girl! 🙂


We have spent most of the day watching movies and eating. I love days like this. We went through some of my Grandmothers old cookbooks and made sausage balls. I love reading cookbooks and seeing my Grandmothers recipes printed in them.  It is such a wonderful time to just sit and laugh, make fun of each other, EAT and enjoy being together. I love spending time with my sista and momma! Tomorrow morning we will wake up, have coffee, feed our beautiful animals, enjoy the peace of being on our farm and love every minute of it. We will acknowledge how truly blessed we all are and cherish every memory that we are making together.

Merry Christmas!!

The Southern Twins


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Twin.Farm girl. Paleo. Runner. Triathlete. Rodeo Girl.Horsey and Doggie owner. Love individuality. Fiercely Independent. Goal Digger. Beer Drinker. Lazy people need not apply. Love my
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1 Response to Merry Christmas Eve!!

  1. Linda says:

    The sausage balls look good. Have some made. Waiting on cream cheese tor reach room temp. My sons wants a Lemon Chiffon Cheese Cake tomorrow. Will be up all night before I finish with everything I need to do.

    Merry Christmas.

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