Jellied Cranberry Sauce and The Great Depression

CranberrysauceMy sweet Southern Grandmother was extremely traditional when it came to her Thanksgiving meal. She was a very adventurous cook but not when it came to the Holidays. The holiday meal was as old school as they came. Every year we had pretty much the same dishes as the year before and the year before that. It was something that you could always count on. Every year she made her own cranberry sauce. You know, with the real cranberries, boiled with tons and tons of sugar. They were great but I don’t know what it is, I always loved the Jellied Cranberry Sauce. I want it to fall out of the can in one piece, yes, out of the CAN. ha! I remember being at my grandmother’s house, elbow deep in her pantry going thru 500 cans of food. I can hear the conversation now: “Grandmother, do you not have any jellied cranberry sauce in here?” her answer would come with her deep southern drawl “Child! Haaave you compleeetly laawst your mind? No, there is no “Jeeeelied” cranberry sauce in this house.”

My grandmother lived throught the Great Depression. So you know what that means, in today’s terms that means borderline hoarder.  Every time I went to throw away a bread tie “Oh my, we must keep that, don’t throoooow it awaaaay, that is a perfectly goooood bread tie, why would you throw it away?!” Of course, of course you never know when you may need 500 bread ties or 300 ziplock bags. Can’t ever be to careful, right? Let me tell you what she thought she may never need, even through the Great Depression……..Jellied Cranberry Sauce, not a single can in that big ole house. EVER!!!

So this Thanksgiving, to all those Jellied Cranberry Sauce lovers…may your pantry be full of it. 🙂



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4 Responses to Jellied Cranberry Sauce and The Great Depression

  1. Sandra Sikes says:

    I love this story, can almost hear her say those words. Know some southern grandmas doing that now. LOL

  2. pamela higginbotham says:

    Me too. It’s inexplicable but I LOVE it too….even more when it has the marks of the can still visible.

  3. Linda says:

    My southern grandmother was exactly the same way, and like you, I always longed for the good ole Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce. Pure blasphemy as far as my grandma was concerned. Today, I ALWAYS have a spare can in my pantry around Thanksgiving. Happy to say that my husband loves it too. Yay.

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