Thanksgiving Weekend

The Thanksgiving weekend is coming to an end. Tomorrow morning the road will be packed with most of us going back to work after having four days off. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I am sure some of you had to work and some may not have gotten to see their family, but no matter what the circumstances, I hope you found something to be genuinely thankful for. My weekend was wonderful. I got to spend every moment doing something that I wanted to do so you can’t really complain when that happens. On Thursday, I got to go to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving. My mother is The Southern Lady Cooks so to say that I was excited, is an understatement. I normally eat very clean and healthy but on certain holidays I throw all caution to the wind and eat everything in sight. Thanksgiving is certainly one of those holidays. When Anne and I got to Mom’s she already had the table set and it was practically lunch time.

The Southern Lady Cooks Table at Thanksgiving

The Southern Lady Cooks Table at Thanksgiving

I brought baked beans made with maple sausage which was a great hit and Anne made broccoli casserole, using our mother’s recipe of course. My Mom made her famous yeast rolls made with grits. I am telling you all, I have dreams about these rolls. My Sister -in- Law, Sarah walked in the kitchen and said “Oh my, are those the rolls that you make with grits?? I am so excited!”

Yeast Rolls with Grits

Yeast Rolls with Grits getting ready to go in the oven! A Family Favorite!!

My family lives a very hectic life. My brother and sister n law are busy with full-time jobs and my two adorable nephews and Anne and I are busy with work and horses. We all live very different lives, so unfortunately we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like, so the holidays are so very special that we can all come together and share a beautiful meal and catch up. It was a great day and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Friday was another great day! Anne and I went to the Peddlers Mall and met my brother and Sister-in-law and my cute little nephews to shop and have lunch. I taught my nephew how to play Candy Crush on the iPhone . Of course he loved the game and I am so glad he does because I am stuck on level 68. I told him he needed to be up to that level by Christmas so he could show me how to beat it. 🙂 Saturday was gorgeous here in the Bluegrass so Anne and I spent it exercising the horses and working out at the gym.

Leigh and one of her barrel horses, Girlfriend

Leigh and one of her barrel horses, Girlfriend

Now it is Sunday and it is time to get back in to the mindset of work. I will work the next 19 days straight and then have over a week off for Christmas. These next two weeks are going to be very hectic with trips to Nashville and Vegas but I am ready! Bring it on!! As we wrap this weekend up, I am so thankful to have a family that loves each other immensely and appreciates the time we do get to share, no matter how brief sometimes it may be. Life is good my friends, life is good. 🙂


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