Southern Holiday Traditions

“Traditions make memories, they are symbolic and they help keep a little bit of time frozen for us to remember each year.”


Bell outside our home, just like my Grandmother had for 60 years at her home.

It is that time a year…you know the time…where you eat and hang out with your family. What do they call it?? Oh yes! THE HOLIDAYS!!! The holidays are always a very VERY busy time at our place. I have a work Convention every year the first week of December and the second week Anne and I spend in Vegas working for another website that we have. This is the time of the year that we give the horses a break and concentrate on other things…such as work and work and a little bit more work. If it sounds exhausting, it is… but it is also a lot of fun. I love the Holidays because they bring traditions. Southern families really hold traditions close to their heart.  It was tradition for my grandmother to make a big country ham for Christmas. A ham that we cured on the farm. It was tradition to have beaten biscuits and tomato aspic salad at Thanksgiving. By the way, my mother,  The Southern Lady Cooks… hates tomato aspic. I often think of making it and bringing it to her house for Thanksgiving to torture her. 🙂 It was tradition for my mother to number our Christmas presents each year so Anne and I could open the same one at the same time.  I can hear her now “Ok, now get #5.” One year I opened one out of sequence and it was a western belt I had wanted. Anne freaked thinking she didn’t get one. haha! Good times…good times! Of course as we have gotten older, we no longer number presents and my sweet grandmother has since passed away and we don’t have tomato aspic. However, We have made new traditions.  We  all meet at The Southern Lady Cooks for Thanksgiving and it is tradition for my sister n law to bring the pies and Anne and I make side dishes. On Christmas my Mom comes early to the farm and we have coffee early in the mornings and talk for hours. We make sausage balls on Christmas Eve and we play cards. We laugh a lot. I mean a LOT. We fuss at the dogs to get out of THE KITCHEN and we fuss at each other to get out of THE KITCHEN when one of us is cooking.  Traditions make memories, they are symbolic and they help keep a little bit of time frozen for us to remember each year. I hope you all enjoy your holiday traditions!!



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2 Responses to Southern Holiday Traditions

  1. I love our traditions. Such a wonderful time of the year. I have so much fun at the farm with my girls during Christmas. Southerners love traditions.

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