The Day George Strait got Thrown out of the Window

GeorgeStraitBoxSetIt was Christmas time and Anne and I were coming home for the holidays and enjoying our time off from College. We were both broke college kids that had no money but we scrimped and saved to buy our Dad the George Strait Box Set. It had just came out and Anne and I grew up listening to George Strait with our Dad. As itty bitty kiddies we would sing the old classics at the top of our lungs. I remember one day Anne and I just singing and singing  in the truck when the cassette tape ended and it needed to be ejected and flipped to listen to Side A. Remember those days?  Before the first song on SIDE A came back on, Anne and I started belting out the song. Dad looked at us and said “Ok, I think you two have had enough of George Strait.” Clearly, since we had memorized the entire tape.  So this year we were showing up with the George Strait Box Set to put under the tree. Dad opened it and just loved it. We immediately went out to put it in his new truck. His new truck had a CD Player so this was all “new” and high tech! Fancy! Fancy! My father had not one ounce of electrical/mechanical handiness and I did inherit that from him. The VCR was quite the puzzler for him at times. So we threw in one of the CD’s, fired up that diesel truck and went out to check cattle all the while enjoying “Cowboy Rides Away and The Fireman” It was a great day! Fast forward to the following Spring. Anne and I come home for the for a visit and Dad meets us coming down the driveway. I thought that was so nice, looky… he is so happy to have us home. We park and there is Dad standing at my door, which then I thought that he was really excited or we were getting ready to go do something and he needed us to “hurry up!” I get out of the car and said “Hey Dad, we made it!”  he said “Good deal, listen, crawl up in this truck and get the CD out of the CD Player”  I just kind of looked at him and said “ok, what is it stuck or what?” he said “Hell, I don’t know how to get the damn thing out, but once you do, you throw that George Strait CD out the $%&@ window, I don’t care if I ever hear another song of his for the rest of my life” I just stared at him and said “what do you mean? You have been listening to the same  CD since CHRISTMAS?” he said “YOU NEVER SHOWED ME HOW TO TAKE IT OUT!!!” I laughed my ass off..heehee! If you knew my Dad, he could be aggravated easily so I can imagine that riding around every day listening to the same CD was enough to make him lose his every loving mind. Ole George Strait hit the skids that day and I gotta feeling he never made a reappearance in that Dodge truck….ever!

Good times!

Leigh W


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  1. Linda says:

    Love George and got to see his first show of if his Farewell Tour last year.

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