Life on the Other Side of the Screen Door

See! We could entertain ourselves with a wagon!

See! We could entertain ourselves with a wagon!

Ever hear these words when you were little “Ok, ENOUGH, go outside and play!” Now, no one needed to tell us exactly what to do once we got out there. We were innovative enough to entertain ourselves. Gosh, I cant even begin to think of the countless hours that were spent playing kick ball, jumping on hay bales, climbing trees, riding my bike, catching crawdads in the creek, looking for tree frogs, swinging on the homemade swing my dad made, etc. Hell, give me a stick and I could be entertained for hours! A stick people, a STICK! My childhood was busy. I wasn’t busy in front of a TV, computers were not even a thought, a phone call was made sitting down because…….wait for it… plugged in to the WALL! Gasp! If I needed entertainment it consisted of trying to get my sister to touch the electric cattle fence and see what happened. heehee! It consisted of racing my sister up and down the driveway to see which one was fastest. That would be her! It may have been all that electricity running through her from the fence, who knows. It consisted of making snow men, working along side my dad as he fed cattle or picking tomatoes with my mother. It consisted of making homemade french fries with my grandmother or rocking on our southern front porch with my grandfather. It consisted of catching fire flies and playing with my bb gun. It consisted of riding my horses hours and hours and get this……….learning how to be quiet. Learning how to love the things around me. It consisted of me not having to find things to entertain me, cause I learned how to do that for myself. It wasn’t an ipad, an iphone, computer, a TV, it was me. It was life on the other side of that screen door that taught me so much and I am forever thankful for those experiences.

Till Next Time!

Leigh Walkup


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3 Responses to Life on the Other Side of the Screen Door

  1. Marcia Slaughter says:

    Neat!! I can relate and so can my two sons!! đŸ™‚

  2. Phyllis Frederick says:

    Life was sweet then. My daughters were raised the same way. And I said more then once your comment, “Ok, enough, go outside and play”!

  3. So true! You all were never bored and never still a minute. Farm life is the best and especially for children growing up. Love you both.

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