Winter isn’t Letting Up

snowstorm7-TSTI hate to sound like a broken record but the weather here in the Bluegrass has not been fun at all. I know that the people in the North East are getting a ton of snow and cold weather and I don’t evny them one bit. We have around 4 inches on the ground at home and if it was just snow, it would fine. However the negative temps make everything so difficult. Just the process of going outside to take care of the horses is exactly that…a process. It takes about 10 minutes to put all the layers of clothes on just to get out the door. In this kind of weather, what normally would take 20 minutes takes 40. Tuesday Anne and I had to get a load of hay for the horses. Driving a dually truck in snow is not that much fun, thankfully it is 4X4 so we didn’t have any trouble. Yesterday we came home to find someone  had completely run over our mailbox, left the mailbox in the middle of the road with mail every where. Isn’t that nice? Did they stop to say “I am so sorry, but I have completely demolished your mailbox” No, no they didn’t. I hope they have a hole in their radiator. I do. Wait, I take that back. I need to remember what my Grandmother would say “pray for them child, cause they aren’t right” I will pray for them, Grandmother. 🙂 


The cold weather is a funny thing. Once Anne and I get everything done outside and finally the layers of clothes off, the last thing we feel like doing is going back out. However 30 minutes in the house and we are restless. It is a weird feeling. We are both sort of bored but not motivated to do much about it. HA! I have learned to just try and relax, read, clean the house and savor these moments because they will be few and far between come spring time. Life shouldn’t be go, go, go all the time. Maybe this is Mother Natures way of telling us to slow down, enjoy the quietness of the winter and reflect…….so that is what I am going to try and do. 

 Hope everyone is staying warm!


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